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WOOHOO! [22 May 2008|12:12pm]


Interview with Todd for TasteItTv, who I absolutely LOVE.  Seriously, this girl does some of the best interviews I've come across possibly ever...so...yeah, watch and enjoy I guess :)
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[29 Apr 2008|11:46pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Forgive me for completely forgetting to post this until now, but...

Boring acoustic - hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/hs5n04
One Thing acoustic - hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/zw8qq9

xx --> tt

Mp3 format.

From the Fearless Radio interview.


P.S.  If any of you guys have been to shows recently, feel free to post up some reviews and let us all in on your experience, yeah?  I NEED TO LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOUR REVIEWS WHILE I'M STUCK IN AUS, C'MON!

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[22 Apr 2008|12:04pm]


Oh man, okay, so much to update about...so...

As we all know, the Boring video came out on the 7th on Buzznet (watch it here!), the record dropped on the 8th, and you can pick up your copy in stores, or online here for $9.99, or with a guys or girls shirt (check them out at the Merch page on their website), get yourself a copy if you haven't already!

- Lil Drive By's (US) have posted an absolute bucketload of new pics from the shows over at their myspace, and shitloads of videos at their youtube.

- Todd's been doing video diaries... #1, #2 and #3.

- You can find the making of Boring over at Purevolume...right here.

- An interview they did on the 18th for the Daytime Debauchery on Fearlesss Radio can be found here...I'm listening to it right now and HAHA, "I'm just pullin your third leg" OKAY THEN, INTERVIEWER. That's...always fun. *blink* moving right along...once I've dowloaded it, I'm gonna rip the acoustic performances and stick them up here to download :)

- They've also got a tour photo blog up on fuse.tv, which is great, so check that out toooooooo. Two words: CREEPY and BEAUTIFUL. You'll know what I mean. Also..."This IS why we do this. This IS what makes all the driving and waiting around all day worth it! This is why we will never stop touring...cause meeting people who love music and playing shows is what we live for." Um, yeah, I love this band.

That's all for now, I think...I've probably forgotten a lot but that happens...but if you haven't joined the Lil Drive By's, get on it! US, UK, and Aussie.


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Meetups, just fyi.. [30 Mar 2008|12:19pm]


Hey, if anyone wanted to meet at any of the concerts, there's a meetup list over in [info]chemicalromance, and if you're going to one of the concerts alone, and want to go with someone, you can go here:  First half, second half. Just to let you know, DARK ALLEYS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE MEETING PLACES.

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Check out the Drive By TV Spot for their tour and new album: [17 Mar 2008|06:11pm]

(and some clips of the new video for 'Boring'!)


Spread that video around as much as you can, yeah?

Also, as they've said in their most recent myspace bulletin - they have a new layout, and have put up some photos from the trip back from SXSW (did any of you guys go to that, btw?) which are really stunning...so have a look!  And don't forget to read Fitz's blog - http://www.iamfitz.blogspot.com because he updates it all the time with random photos and stories of what they're getting up to, so it's a great read :)

Btw, some of you are from the states, right?  Any of you going to any of the shows?
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... [22 Feb 2008|01:29pm]


Click the above, and you can hear the whole new album.

I'm halfway through the first song and have the shivers already.
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DB on DJ Rossstar tonight! [21 Feb 2008|08:14am]


Drive By will be doing a live phone interview on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show tonight. 

You can tune in directly through http://www.idobiradio.com and can send questions to the band by sending an instant message to the screen name: staridobi. The show airs from 7-8pm PST and apparently Todd will be on right at 7:00pm PST.
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[15 Feb 2008|08:17pm]

Drive By's new aim sn:  drivebyriot

Add, and hit them up!
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From their new bulletin... [15 Feb 2008|07:35am]

"MCR, Billy Talent & Drive By Tour Dates

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
We are excited to announce a few of our tour dates, we still don't have all of our venues confirmed, but here is what we know;

Fri/3-28 Tempe, AZ On Sale Thu, 2/14 at 10:00 am MST
Sat/3-29 Tuscon, AZ
Sun/3-30 Las Vegas, NV
Thu/4-3 San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield On Sale Sun, 2/17 at 10:00 am PST
Tue/4-8 Portland, OR
Fri/4-11 Salt Lake City, UT
Sun/4-13 Denver, CO @ The Fillmore Auditorium Pre-Sale Fri, 2/15 at 10:00 am to Fri, 2/15 at 6:00 pm MST
Tue/4-15 Kansas City, KS
Thu/4-17 Chicago
Sat/4-19 Detroit
Thu/4-24 New Orleans, LA
Fri/4-25 Baton Rouge, LA
Sat/4-26 Houston, TX
Sun/4-27 Dallas, TX
Mon/4-28 Austin, TX
Fri/5-2 Memphis, TN"
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New Album News! [14 Feb 2008|07:22am]

[ mood | excited ]

Okay, from now on this community is going to be far more active, damnit.

Anyway! We finally have album news!

As you'll know if you've been to their myspace in the past 24 hours, Drive By have added the full version of their new song 'Boring', and if you check out their new blog, you'll see the release date for the new album is April 8th and it's going to be titled 'A Delicate Situation'.

The blog:

So, head over to their myspace and let them know what you think of the new song, and while you're at it, subscribe to their blog!  And feel free to show your support by adding the song to your profile, posting about the new album wherever you can, and let's not forget the 'real life' stuff - talk to your friends about them, get more people into it.  You know the drill!

Some time in the next few weeks, some printable flyers, and maybe banners to add to your myspace/facebook/lj/whatever's are (hopefully) going to be made, so as soon as they're done I'll post them here.  If you want to help out and make some of your own, go ahead, and feel free to post them here and share!

As for the 'major tour news', well...I know some of you have figured it out already ;), but for those of you that don't know yet...stay tuned to the Drive By myspace.  If the info I've seen so far is true, it's going to be huge!
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[02 Sep 2007|06:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Oh hai there dead community. I blame myself. Thought I'd update this shit and liven it up :)

As you guys might know, Drive By are currently recording for their second CD with Bill Stevenson (Decendents drummer, some Black Flag...produced for MxPx, the Casualties, Comeback Kid and more) at Blasting Room studios and they've posted an arseload of weird and wonderful photos over at their MySpace so go check them out :)

And while we're on the topic of Myspace, if you're Aussie, Pommy or American (even if you're not!) you can add their street teams - Aus division, UK division, and US division.

Also if you haven't picked up your copy of the Bamboozle Compilation that they're featured on, you can pick it up here through Amazon. It's rad as all hell.

So that's about all for now, hope you all had a great weekend and feel free to update with anything you want anytime, and keep spreading the love!


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First Post...*pop* [04 Mar 2007|03:10pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Welcome to the first ever (unofficial of course) Drive By LJ community -

A place for fans of the band to post, well, pretty much anything they want - reviews, experiences, pics, news, general Drive By love etc.  Pimp it and have fun, but please use common sense - no sharing songs from their albums, no publicising the guys private details and all that shiza.  

Please also note this is a ~friendly community so any hateful or inappropriate posts or comments will be deleted.  (read:  don't be shitty)

Comm maintainers are Car (

haveabad_day) and myself, Toy, and we're just getting started here, so if anyone wants to help with icons or any of that fun stuff, let us know!

That's about all for the first post...

Please join, post and enjoy!  :) 


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